Thoughtfully designed, our coops provide comfortable and efficient poultry housing. Our standard chicken coop models are ideal for urban and suburban settings, they include: 4’x4’ “Henry”, 4’x6’ “Layla”, 4’x8’ “Thomas”, and 5’x7’ (walk-in style) “Coop Deluxe”. They are attractive, unobtrusive, and available to order in three easy options:

1.) Unassembled/unpainted kits, 2.) Fully assembled/Unpainted, and 3.) Fully Assembled/Painted. Each standard model comes with a slatted ramp that fits under the front door with a sliding, screened vent above. They feature an easy access rear door for egg retrieval with a screened, flap-down vent above. Clean-out doors on the sidewalls open to the side for easy cleaning, and they have fixed windows to allow natural daylight into the coop. Interiors feature raised, roomy nest boxes and a roosting bar. The Thomas and Layla coops have two clean-out doors; one on each sidewall, they are offset for both front and rear interior access to the coop (it is possible to position both clean-out doors on one side). Coop kits require a screw gun with 1/4” extension drive and #2 phillips tip, and hammer... we provide the rest. We also build custom coops and modify our standard coops to customer specifications. If an attachable pen is purchased with a coop, we will skirt the bottom of the coop with chicken wire and add a rear escape hatch (for free ranging) at no additional cost.

Designed and made in Maine!

Customer Testimonial:

"Last spring I rigged up an old ice fishing house as a chicken coop and bought four pullets. I wanted to see if keeping poultry fit into my lifestyle. I found that I enjoyed my chickens for more than the fabulous eggs they deliver... I love to see them scratching around the yard and in general get a huge kick out of their antics.


This summer I added to my flock and began to look for a larger coop. I was delighted to find an advertisement by Roots, Coops and More. They cheerfully designed a coop to my exact specifications, and on a fine evening in June they came and assembled what they dubbed the "Coop De Ville," on my property.  I am delighted with my purchase!  The new coop is beautifully constructed, with great attention to detail. I am wildly impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship. 


It makes me happy to think of my chickens, safe and cozy in their beautiful new coop.  I highly recommend Roots, Coops and More.  The service they provide is professional, personal and of excellent value.  Daryl Conner (and her flock of Silver Lace Wyandottes)  Appleton, ME. "

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